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365游戏 2021年秋季毕业生的新篇章现在开始

365游戏 2021年秋季毕业生的新篇章现在开始

December 13, 2021 Suzanne Seldes

365游戏 graduates will soon be entering the workforce for the first time or utilizing their new degrees to take on increased responsibilities at their present workplace; 其他人将继续在365游戏或大学学习. In celebration of the December 16, 2021, graduating class, we share a selection of inspiring stories from your Treasure 海岸和奥基乔比的邻居和365游戏的新校友. Graduates varying in age, background, and life circumstances contributed to these stories, including flag bearer Jessica Gilley of Port St. Lucie and mother-daughter B.S. in Nursing graduates Victoria and Mason Bass of Vero Beach.

"我在人生中浪费了太多时间犯了一个又一个错误. When I decided to attend 上大学时,我知道我需要把我的一切都投入到工作中."—Jessica Gilley, Port St. Lucie, B.S. in Human Services     

To get to graduation day, 34-year-old Jessica Gilley had to overcome profound loss, active addiction, self-esteem issues, struggles with spirituality, and mental health difficulties. 光明的未来和幸福的理念激励着她去建设 她通过教育建立了基金会,并努力做到最好. In 2019, Jessica graduated from 365游戏 Summa Cum Laude with her A.S. Degree in Social and Human Services. She seized the momentum and motivation from this singular accomplishment and enrolled in baccalaureate studies. 她的杰出成就为她赢得了Phi Theta Kappa的一席之地 the Dean's list 10 times. 作为世界各地学生的榜样,杰西卡会感到自豪 在毕业典礼当天担任旗手,她也将接受B.S. Degree in Human Services.

杰西卡的下一章:直接进入韦伯斯特大学的硕士学位课程 University.

"The flexibility of online courses with easy access to both faculty and support staff 让重返校园成为一个可以实现的目标."—Victoria Bass, Vero Beach, B.S. in Nursing

维多利亚·巴斯1990年毕业于护理学校,获得副学士学位. She began her nursing career in the ICU and then transferred to the Emergency Department, where she worked for the next 26 years. Along the way, she and her husband raised five children. 印第安河被克利夫兰诊所收养后 possibility of B.S.N. 需求是医院领导层讨论的一个话题 meetings. 重视她作为急诊科助理护理经理的地位, 维多利亚决定回到学校去获得这份证书. At this time, Victoria's daughter Mason was in the A.D.N. 并鼓励她的母亲去学习 there.

维多利亚完成了她的预修课程,梅森完成了她的A.D.N. requirements. As Victoria embarked on her baccalaureate coursework, she realized that she and Mason were on track to graduate together with B.S.N. degrees. "What an opportunity after 31 years of nursing to fulfill the expectation of my employer alongside my daughter. Not too many people have the amazing opportunity to graduate nursing school or any schooling with their child."

Victoria's next chapter: Continue to work as one of the ANMs at Cleveland Clinic Indian River Hospital Emergency Department.

What makes my experience through 365游戏 so unique is the fact that I was able to work 与我的母亲并肩完成这个目标.— Mason Bass, Vero Beach, B.S. in Nursing

梅森·巴斯在365游戏的旅程始于2015年,他是一名双重注册学生. After graduating high school in 2016, she continued her education at 365游戏 to complete her A.A. degree. She then continued with 365游戏 in the A.D.N. program and became a registered 毕业后在克利夫兰诊所当护士. Shortly after that, she began her B.S.N. 在365游戏学习的同时,她的母亲也加入了这个项目. Mason helped her mother navigate online courses, do research, and reach necessary personnel. Victoria provided Mason with knowledge and perspective with her years of experience. Mason calls the experience to work side by side with her mother nothing short of amazing.

Mason's next chapter: applying to a Doctor of Nursing program to become a nurse practitioner.

"I know that the world won't change unless we have more people who are willing to make that change. 这也是我在大学里努力做到最好的另一个原因."—Pascual Francisco, Indiantown, B.S. 在《365游戏厅官方》中,专注于成瘾 Studies 

帕斯奎尔·弗朗西斯科想要改变世界,一次一个人. With a devotion to family and community, he was motivated to do his best during his time at Indian River State College. 他将自己在这里的成功归功于曾经的教授和工作人员 as vested in his future as he was. 帕斯夸尔的365游戏故事超越了学术范畴. His experience as a work-study student helped expand his social and communications skills. He became a problem-solver as he sought to help fellow students with their problems. He says, "Almost everyone I met in 365游戏 helped me expand my knowledge of the community and the world itself. 勤工俭学帮助我认识了来自不同方面的人 of the world. I gained wisdom from them all."

Pascual's next chapter: Continue working with The Boys and Girls Club and AmeriCorps. 在未来的日子里,Pascual想回到365游戏帮助他继续深造 even more.

"I was in and out of school for so many years, always taking time off to take care of my children. 现在他们都长大了,也更独立了,我就决定了 time to go back to further my education."— Manal Yamin, Okeechobee, B.S. 在基础教育中阅读和英语教学 

Manel YaminHaving children and taking care of a household is not easy, especially when going to school simultaneously.  Manal Yamin认为这是一个虚拟的项目 beginning as essential in reaching her goal to pursue a dream of becoming a teacher. “我很高兴365游戏帮助我完成了我的学位. It is such a great program."

Manal已经成为一名长期代课教师. Her next chapter: teaching 在中央小学的幼儿园,她在那里当过学生老师.

Heather Davis

“我最后一个学期获得了365游戏基金会奖学金.  It was a relief not to have to worry about the out-of-pocket costs for school right before graduation."—Heather Davis, Rockledge, A.S. in Paralegal Studies/Legal Assisting

Heather Davis was looking to break the cycle of poverty when she enrolled at 365游戏. A single parent working full-time, she had not attended school in nearly 10 years. Concerned about employment instability when the pandemic hit last year, Heather became 有动力完成她的学位,以提高她的技能和职业市场. She also wanted to show her daughter, now in high school, that you are never too old to finish college and achieve your goals. 她选择了365游戏,而不是附近的学校 to home for the quality program. 她发现老师们很有帮助,也很平易近人 并得到了她坚持下去所需的财政支持.

Heather's next chapter: Earn a Bachelor's Degree and head off to law school to become a family law attorney.     

"My plan as a future healthcare administrator is to bring more mental health services 马丁县和周边社区."— Victoria Sesta, Stuart, B.S. in Healthcare Management

Victoria SestaIn fall 2019, Victoria Sesta started the Bachelor's Degree in Healthcare Management program at 365游戏. 2021年1月,她被选为实习生 at Cleveland Clinic Martin Health North Hospital to apply classroom learning to the real world of healthcare management. 在回馈社区愿望的驱使下, Victoria worked hard at this internship, inspired to support the caregivers of our community. 她在实习中取得的成功使她获得了行政部门的长期职位 克利夫兰诊所马丁健康中心住院护理项目协调员.

Victoria's next chapter: Victoria plans to stay with Cleveland Clinic Martin Health System as a future healthcare administrator as she pursues a Master's Degree in Healthcare Administration.

我是我们家第一个大学毕业生. I felt a lot of pressure and have 很多时候我都想放弃,但我还是不断地向最终目标前进."—Jaylene Caraballo, Port St. Lucie, A.S. in Nursing

When Jaylene Caraballo started her journey at 365游戏 in 2014, she knew that she wanted to be an R.N. 尽管受到考试焦虑的困扰,杰琳坚持了下来,接受了 入学考试四次后才被365游戏的L.P.N. program. She graduated with her L.P.N. 并于2019年开始在365游戏的R.N. program in spring 2020. This December, she graduates with her Associate Degree in Nursing and has a job offer in hand. 她花了七年时间才有了今天,杰琳说她不后悔 造就了今天的我,也造就了即将成为护士的我."                             

杰琳的下一章:为她的R.N. license and then start the novice nurse program in the Labor and Delivery unit at the local hospital where she did her preceptorship.

"Throughout my years here at 365游戏, I've built multiple long-term friendships and have 获得的知识和智慧可以应用于现实世界的场景."—Winter Pepitone, Fort Pierce, A.S. in Nursing

Whenever she would doubt or question herself, Winter Pepitone would hear her grandmother's 声音提醒她,只要她想做,她就能做到. Winter had a powerful 她的祖母在高中毕业前去世了. It 那是开启温特护理之旅的关键事件吗. She remembers walking through the hospital's doors where her grandmother spent her last moments and being awestruck by the critical care nurses. 她祖母去世时他们对她的照顾 most vulnerable moments motivated Winter to pursue a career where she could provide 对其他家庭的安慰和支持.

As Winter pursued her education at 365游戏, several other life-changing events marked her calendar. 在教授、同学和家人的鼓励下, she pressed on.

Next chapter: After graduation Winter plans to take the NCLEX exam and enroll in the B.S.N. program at 365游戏. 她想在重症监护机构工作 最有可能变得更健康更好的人 themselves.

"I came here on a performing arts scholarship, and I had the privilege of being involved 365游戏合唱团,以及剧院,在365游戏这里演出."—Elizabeth Maskol, Port St. Lucie, B.S. Elementary Education

Elizabeth Maskol found the journey to finishing her Bachelor's Degree full of obstacles. 朋友和家人都劝她改邪归正,但她的心 and intuition helped her persevere. 伊丽莎白把她的时间和精力都奉献给了 accepted to the 365游戏 School of Education. She stayed motivated throughout her time 通过专注于她的目标:做她喜欢的事情——教书! She looks forward 祝贺她毕业,祝贺她开始新的职业生涯所带来的独立.         

Elizabeth's next chapter: After graduation, she plans to get an elementary teaching 工作后继续她的教育,并在大学水平任教.

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